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We are pleased you are thinking of New Zealand, and welcome people who would like to invest in order to gain residency. If you are still deciding whether New Zealand is the place for you or your business take a look at InvestNow or contact us, and we'll answer your questions.

Under our Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Plus, Investor or Investor Plus Category Immigration Instructions (policies) you can apply for work visas to give you enough time to move to New Zealand to start your business before you apply for residence or to manage your investment.

Under the Entrepreneur or Entrepreneur Plus Categories options, (which include Long Term Business Visas) you can apply for a resident visa after successfully running your business for two years, and under the Entrepreneur Plus Category you can apply for a Resident Visa once you meet the conditions required by Immigration New Zealand.

Under the Investor or Investor Plus Categories options you can apply for a work visa once your Resident Visa application is Approved in Principal, at which time you may apply for a work visa and then at the end of your investment period you can Apply for your indefinite Resident Visa which, all going according to plan, would generally be approved in a relatively short period of time.

Rather than provide further details here, which may be subject to change from time to time, we have provided a number of direct links to INZ web pages and other sites that provide relevant useful information that you may find to be of assistance.

For a comprehensive understanding of what is required we invite you to engage our services to provide you with a complete and thorough assessment of your New Zealand investment resident visa options.

For Employers

We also deal with applications from New Zealand employers who want to gain accreditation or apply for Approval in Principal so they can offer employment to overseas workers.